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festivals and events in suriname

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The festivals in Suriname contribute to modern-day society in a few ways. First, they are a celebration of the diversity and culture of Suriname. And the country will be full of foreigners to witness the numerous festivals conducted in Suriname and finally, their tourism and its economy totally depend on these festivals. 



There are numerous Suriname holidays and festivals to celebrate life. Suriname has many different experiences that make it one of the best places for your next food adventure. With colourful festive traditions and a unique way of life unlike anywhere else in South America, Suriname is an exciting place to visit! Although these cultural traditions have been practised for hundreds of years, every year brings new things to discover and celebrate. 

In Suriname, there are many different types of festivals that bring in international tourists. One such festival is the Carnival in which residents celebrate the triumphs of fertility during the agricultural year, as well as a jazz festival to honour this local art form. These are some of the most famous events taking place in Suriname. 

Brazilian Carnival 

According to the tradition of Carnival, Brazilians migrate to locations all around the world during the same month, as is often found during this time in February. The Surinamese make up for these migrants by hosting a smaller-scale version of Brazil's own Carnival celebrations. These events include parades in the streets, displays of Brazilian culture and music, and food stalls where you can find delicious cuisine.  

Swimming Marathon 

This is an 11-mile Swim marathon conducted in the Suriname River. Starting in Domburg and ending in Paramaribo, this course has some of the most beautiful rainforest scenery. This race pulls competitors from both Suriname and international communities and has worked up quite a competitive level over time. 

Fete de la Musique 

It is considered Music day and is celebrated on June 21st. Free concerts and impromptu street performances are organized by professional and amateur artists in both the capital city and throughout France. Festival-goers can be really entertained by both of those things. 

Suriname Jazz Festival 

The Suriname Jazz Festival is a feast of different types of Jazz, but if you're in the country in October, you may want to enjoy some jazz tunes with the locals. American, African and Asian interpretations are typically on offer at this festival which brings together renowned musicians from around the world. The festival is usually a hit with all who attend, though stay for its duration or else you may miss some of your favourite tunes! 

National Art Exhibition 

The National Art Exhibition in Paramaribo, held in late October, showcases local artists who are otherwise not in the spotlight for most of the year. The festival takes place during an eight-day period in galleries and showrooms around the city and brings together visual artists from all over the country.  

Pagara Estafette 

One of the highlights of the Surinamese cultural calendar each year is a massive street party on December 31 to usher in the new year. The festival lasts until sunrise when spectacular fireworks displays and live concerts commence. This extremely popular event shouldn't be missed. 

Winti Pré 

The Winti Pré is an important festival in Suriname and is a rite for gods and spirits. Dancing takes place during this gathering, meant to be cleansing for Obiaman day. 

A festival dedicated to the Earth, Winti Pré begins with an original performance of drumming and singing in honour of mother earth. In that combination of performances, it is believed there are "doorways" that open which allow spirits to enter the area. What makes this festival magnificent is that those participating are also performing dangerous stunts such as walking on fire, or crushed glass without enduring any harm. 

Owru Jari  

At the end of every year, this festival will be celebrated. People will be attending this celebration from every part of the world.  

This event can be named a new year celebration for Surinamese since it's literally coming in the week of Christmas and new year.  This is one of the major festivals since Surinamese living in other regions will also come and celebrate this one. There will be big fireworks to entertain people. Tourists can absolutely enjoy this time since it is considered one of the big events. Not only fireworks, but they also hire dancers to spice up the event more. The parties and celebrations will be at a high this week. 



Suriname is a small country located in South America. Most visitors to Suriname come for the wonderful beaches and crystal clear waters of the northeastern coast. 

When it comes to transportation in Suriname, visitors can easily get around by bus or taxi. Buses depart from various points throughout Paramaribo, while taxis can be hailed on the street or ordered through a telephone service. Visitors should note that most roads in Suriname are unpaved, so caution must be exercised when driving.


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In this article, we took a look at the different aspects of Suriname festivals and it has something to offer everyone who visits it. We also discussed some of the events that are held in Suriname throughout the year, so make sure you visit all the festivals and have a great experience in Suriname.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The national festival of Suriname is called Divali, also known as "Deepavali." Celebrating this holiday often by those of Indian heritage is the large population from Suriname

Yes, Suriname has a carniver. Their carnival is called "Avondvierdaagse" and is celebrated each year in their capital city. 

Suriname has a coastal city like no other country in South America, who is highly diverse in terms of biodiversity. Suriname has the smallest coastline of any country in South America and it also has one of the longest coastlines. 

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