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what makes galibi nature reserve so special

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Today Suriname has become the destination for all those who want to unwind and explore nature. The huge tracts of untamed rainforests and rich biodiversity have made Suriname the destination for nature enthusiasts. 

When we talk about the amazing wild and natural retreat in Suriname, we cannot forget to mention the Galibi nature reserve. The 1000 sq km park is located in the Marowijne District.

Galibi is one of the primary tourist destinations in Suriname. But what makes the Galibi nature reserve so famous? If you are curious to learn more about the place then read the complete article.


The Galibi nature reserve is in the Galibi Resort of the Marowijne District in the northeastern part of Suriname, at the the shore of mighty Marowijne River. The Reserve borders French Guinea. 

The place has very unique and different environmental factors due to its physical properties. The reserve witnesses the saline water flow from the Guiana Ocean Current. The freshwater from the Marowijne river collides with the saline ocean current resulting in a very different ecosystem that houses great biodiversity.


What Makes Galibi nature Reserve so famous

Till now, you know that Galibi is a beautiful location with rich biodiversity and rare flora and fauna, but there are a lot of places in Suriname that boast these features, but why is Galibi having a special place among all of them? The answer lies in the points mentioned below.

The Home to Rare Turtles

The main reason why the Galibi nature reserve is so famous is that some rare species of turtles migrate to the shores of the reserve to lay eggs and mate. Tourists are usually most excited about sighting these beautiful creatures.

The reserve is one of the very few places where the rare leatherback sea turtle nests and lays eggs. Eilanti Beach in the park is the only place where mass nesting of Olive ridley turtles is present.


An Off-beat place

Nowadays many travellers are bored of regular city exploration, they desire something different and unique, and this is where the Galibi Nature Reserve stands strong. The area is devoid of city chaos and provides visitors with time to indulge in nature.

The Galibi nature reserve and the neighbouring areas of Amerindian Villages can be accessed only by boat. There are no direct road networks connecting the park with the city. To reach the Nature reserve, a visitor needs to get on a boat from the drop-in point at Albina. This makes sure that you can enjoy some time away from the city traffic in the lap of nature.

The Epitome of Sustainability

Today Sustainability has become the topic of discussion among the masses. Today the whole world is understanding the need to embrace sustainability. In such conditions, Galibi has emerged as a leader in sustainability. The Galibi nature reserve is an example of Sustainable tourism and prosperity in harmony with nature.

The Ethnicity of Tribal Life

Close to the nature reserve, lies Galibi Village. The village is home to the tribal population of the indigenous Kalina Tribe. The tribe is said to be the earliest inhabitants of Suriname and the whole of Southern America. The tribe has preserved its historical trends and heritage for ages and you can experience the age-old heritage of the tribe even today.

A Display of the Colonial Sufferings

The town of Alusiaska was built during the colonial era at the banks of the Marowijne River. Today the site is a famous tourist attraction with a 60-meter tall lighthouse that was built in 1871. the glory of the town has disappeared, all that remains are the ruins town. The place sings the tale of colonial sufferings that the locals experienced. The Dutch East India Company was given this 500 hectares piece of land to grow coconuts. The company mistreated the local workers to an extent that they abandoned the town. 

Today this town stands as a witness to Suriname’s history and is a popular tourist attraction.

Now you know why the Galibi Nature Reserve holds a special place among all tourist destinations in Suriname. After learning all this about the place, we guess you might be planning a trip to this wonderful country, if yes, then apply for a Suriname Visa through Suriname Visa Online to get your visa approved in minimum time.



The points above highlight the facts that make the Galibi Nature Reserve one of the most admired destinations in Suriname.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, as there are no direct road networks to the site. You can reach the reserve only on a boat from Albania. 

The sea turtles visit Galibi Nature Reserve in the laying season i.e from February to August

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