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what sports are the most renowned in Suriname

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A small state located on the northeastern Atlantic coast in South America, Suriname is known for its rich culture, diverse landscape, and incredible wildlife. Having rich culture and diversity, the country also has plenty of diversification when it comes to sports. Be it recreational sports or ordinary sports, the country's locals love to play and participate in these sports activities. Sports in Suriname are something to talk about besides the other things it is famous for. Through this article, we will discuss some aspects of Suriname regarding its sports, including its favorite sports, history, and heroes, which the nation has witnessed in all these years.  
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Sports in Suriname  

Even though The Republic of Suriname is a small state, the country has witnessed great flourishing in sports and recreation. Among its people, there are plenty of famous and loved sports across the country. These include:

  • Athletics, Triathlon, Cycling, Swimming
  • Badminton, Table Tennis, Tennis
  • Basketball, Football, Volleyball
  • Boxing, Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Wrestling
  • Chess, Shooting

Besides these, baseball and softball, beach football, boating, bodybuilding and powerlifting, bridge, cricket, fishing, golf, horseback riding, squash, auto, and motorsports are also less prevalent. Though the country has no professional sports team, if we talk about one sport that gave Suriname global attention, it has to be football. Suriname has given out some elite players who have played for well-known European football clubs.

  • Players like Ruud Gullit, Gerald Vanenburg, Frank Rijkaard, Romeo Castelen, Edgar Davids, Aron Winter, Clarence Seedorf, Ryan Babel, Patrick Kluivert, Andwélé Slory, and Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink are just some of the famous names in the world of football that are of Suriname descendants.

It's safe to say that the football heritage in Suriname is well preserved and loved by Surinamese peopleIn sports about Suriname on the international stage, the country made its Olympic debut at the 1968 Mexico City Games and has an established sports committee, the Suriname Olympic Committee. The Suriname Olympic Committee (SOC) was established in 1959 and has 17 members.
In Suriname, fishing is very popular as a recreational sport, particularly from August to October, when many locals fish with bamboo poles in the freshwater of swamps and creeks. Bird Keeping is another well-followed traditional activity in which the Surinamese people partake. In this, the large-billed seed finches birds, also known as twa-twas in Suriname, are commonly caught; therefore, a competition is held among these whistling birds that take place on Sunday mornings at Independence Square in Paramaribo and several other cities throughout the country.   


Suriname Sports Heroes  

Suriname has seen a lot of heroes who have helped in the prosperity of sports in Suriname by making their name on the international as well as the domestic stage.   

  • Letitia Vriesde is the most famous name to be found when it comes to representing Suriname in International track and field. In her illustrious career full of numerous accolades, she managed to secure a silver medal at the IAAF World Championships in Athletics in 1995, in addition to the bronze medal she won in the same year at the IAAF World Indoor Championships. These medals also made her the first South American Female athlete to achieve this feat in the world championship competition.   
  • Letitia Vriesde has also won many medals at the Pan-American and Central American Games. Having 5 gold medals in total in Central American and Caribbean Games (CASCO) and one Pan Am Games gold medal in 1999 Winnipeg, Canada.  
  • Anthony Nesty is another name; he is Suriname's lone Olympic medalist. The swimmer won a gold medal for his nation in the 100-meter butterfly at the Seoul Summer Olympics in 1988, and he also took home a bronze in the same competition in Barcelona in 1993. 
  • The local badminton heroes of Suriname include Virgil Soeroredjo, Mitchel Wongsodikromo, and Crystal Leefmans. They have all won medals for their nation at competitions like the Carebaco Caribbean Championships, the Central American and Caribbean Games, and the South American Games.  



There is no denying that being a small state as it is, the Republic of Suriname has an enriching history in sports. There is unconditional love towards sports by its people, with the country having many local heroes who have played a significant role in developing and attracting global eyes to Suriname at different sports events. The government is also home to various sports, whether athletics or other recreational sports. From Letitia Vriesde, Anthony Nesty, Virgil Soeroredjo, Mitchel Wongsodikromo, and Crystal Leefmans to many more, the country has plenty of names to boast who are considered heroes in the nation. 
It's safe to say the country has witnessed some great names, but if you are yet to catch what Suriname has to offer with its beautiful natural sightseeings and places to be, make sure to get your Suriname visa by visiting Suriname E Visa Online.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

Football is the most popular sport found in Suriname. With the country producing some great names in this sport, its culture is significant to the country.   



Suriname is located on the northern coast of South America and is among the smallest countries on the continent.   

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