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Suriname and India have a long history together and maintain friendly diplomatic relations. Suriname is a popular vacation destination for Indians. Suriname has a large Hindu community, accounting for one-fifth of the country's population. Suriname is known for its coastal road trips, the Galibi nature reserve where you can see turtles, the Amerindian village where you can learn about the local culture, the Wia Wia nature reserve on the Atlantic coast where you can see birds, the rainforest of Brownsberg national park, and ethnic cuisine. If you are planning a trip to this place you will need a Suriname visa for Indian nationals. We are here to assist you in getting a visa through Suriname e visa online.

Do Indians need a visa to visit Suriname?

Yes, Indian Nationals do need a Suriname visa to visit Suriname. You can choose a visa solely depending upon the reason for your travel to Suriname. You can either visit the Suriname embassy or can apply online through a Suriname e visa. Without an official visa, you won't be allowed to make an entry into Suriname from India.

Suriname E-visa for the Nationals of India

India is eligible to obtain a Suriname E-visa which is quite a convenient method to obtain a visa being provided by Suriname authorities to travel. 

Steps to obtain an E-visa for nationals of India

1. Online application for Suriname E-visa

Indian nationals are required to fill out the Suriname visa application form providing all the Suriname visa requirements that are relevant and appropriate. You will need to fill in your full name, date of birth, nationality, passport details, the reason to travel, and other information in the application.

2. Application fee

After reviewing the documents and information that he's been provided you will need to make payment for your Suriname visa application form. You can either use your debit or credit card or can opt for other online gateways to pay the application fee and click the submit button.

3. E-visa receipt

The last step would be downloading your Suriname E-visa receipt after the successful payment. After the approval of your E-visa application, you should be receiving a document of your E-visa file through the mail. You are required to download it as you will need to present it at the airport for the approval of entry.

Suriname E- tourist card for the Nationals of India

The Suriname government has provided international travellers with this convenient method of getting a visa if the purpose of the visit is only tourism. India is eligible to get an E-tourist card that will allow you to stay for 90 days. The steps to get an E tourist visa are the same as getting an E-visa to Suriname.

  1. You are required to fill out the E-tourist visa application form by supplying all the Suriname visa requirements such as your personal information and other digital documents.
  2. After the review of the Suriname visa application, you will have to make the payment through your debit or credit card or any other online gateways.
  3. After the approval of your Suriname visa application, you will receive your e-tourist card through the mail. Download the E-tourist card pdf to show it at the airport for entry approval.

Suriname visa requirements for the nationals of India

  • Original passport with a validity period of at least six months and enough blank pages to receive a visa stamp.
  • Your complete Suriname visa application form is signed.
  • Your latest photos of passport size with a clear background without any accessories.
  • Your accommodation certificate is proof of your stay.
  • Your airplane tickets as proof of your travel.
  • Your travel insurance and yellow fever vaccination certificate.
  • Your bank details to check whether you have enough funds to stay in Suriname.
  • An official health certificate from any hospital is a confirmation that you are free of the disorders listed below;
  2. Hepatitis B
  3. Leprosy
  4. General Diseases
  5. Tuberculosis

Any other contagious Diseases

  1. Birth certificates for minors
  2. Other documents such as reference letter, letter of scholarship, employment letter, and marriage certificate based on your visa.

Acquire a visa through a Suriname embassy

  1. You can visit a Suriname embassy in India and fill out the Suriname visa application form at the embassy itself. You will have to provide your personal information with other Suriname visa requirements r that have been mentioned above.
  2. You will need to pay the application and services fee at the embassy.
  3. After the approval of your Suriname visa for Indian nationals either through phone or email, you will need to submit your passport and receive your visa.

Travel restrictions in Suriname for Indian nationals

  • Unvaccinated nationals from India will be denied entry.
  • Negative COVID-19 test that has been taken 48 hours prior to your flight to Suriname.
  • Unvaccinated people will have to go under Quarantine for 7 days after their arrival.
  • Vaccinated people will not be required to go under quarantine.
  • Children aged under 18 are not required to show any vaccination proof.
  • If you are traveling from a yellow fever-transmitted country then be prepared with your yellow fever vaccination proof.



The information in this post has provided you with the necessary paperwork to obtain a Suriname visa for Indian nationals. You've also been told how to get through the embassy or an internet method. If your trip is primarily for tourism, having an E-tourist card is the ideal solution. Suriname e visa online can help you obtain a visa for Suriname without any issues. Before planning a trip to Suriname from India, make sure you examine the country's travel regulations.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Indians must apply for a Suriname visa prior to visiting the nation. You can either visit the embassy or apply for an E-visa to go to Suriname.

You can stay in Suriname for 90 days with your tourist card. Because it is a single-entry visa, you will need to reapply if you want to remain longer.

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