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Suriname tucked deep in the Guianas' jungles, isn't immediately apparent as a must-see location when organizing a journey to South America. It's easy to ignore amid the continent's vastness but do so at your risk. Suriname is a little-known wonderland for adventurous wildlife enthusiasts and explorers, thanks to its abundance of natural reserves and preserved parks. When visiting Suriname, you will want to see the famous tourist attractions and learn about the local culture. You may certainly discover some of the biggest attractions to do in Suriname, among other activities to do in Suriname, to make your vacation a memorable one. Touring Suriname sights and exploring sites of interest are some of the activities to do during a vacation to Suriname. So, go and get a visa to Suriname and make the most of the trip. 



  • Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral (Paramaribo)

The main core of Paramaribo, Suriname's capital, is dominated by this Roman Cathedral. Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral were completed in 1882, and Pope Francis named it a Minor Basilica of Suriname in 2014. With a height of 48 feet, the cathedral is considered to be the Caribbean's highest wooden construction. With neo-gothic towers, a giant rose window, and massive windows on the sidewalls, the edifice is an amazing Gothic-Roman architectural style. The cathedral serves as both a sacred site and a tourist destination today. It is accessible every day and offers excursions on demand.

  • Fort Zeelandia (Paramaribo)

The French constructed a wooden castle on the banks of the Suriname River in 1640 to defend themselves from British invasion, but the fort was eventually conquered and rebranded by the Dutch. The two-story main fort structure, a 1790s storehouse, wooden officers' apartments, and a guardhouse are all part of a guided trip to the fort compound. The fort will provide you with a sense of what Suriname was like during the colonial period. The best time to visit is around the dry season, which is either August-October or February-April.

  • Commewijne River (Paramaribo)

The Commewijne River gets its title from the Commewijne mountains in Suriname's northwestern region. However, exploring the amazing rivers of Suriname can be done by boat, bike, or renting a vehicle to tour the riverbanks. The river is flanked by coffee plantations dating back to Suriname's colonial era. You may see a variety of bird species while traveling the river, and don't miss the open-air museum at Fort Nieuw, which includes artifacts from the slave trade time. Although the river has a higher water level during the wet season, the dry season is still the best time to visit.

  • Palmentuin (Paramaribo)

Palm gardens are referred to as palmentuin in Dutch. The garden is located beyond the Suriname Presidential Palace and provides a peaceful respite from the city's bustle. There are various sculptures commemorating significant events in Suriname's history, as well as several seats to relax on. The garden is a great location to cool off, particularly in the afternoons when it's hot.

  • Pepperpot Nature Park (Paramaribo)

Pepperpot Nature Park is located along the Suriname River which was formerly a coffee and cocoa plantation renowned as Pepper Pot. The park is a popular destination for bird watchers since it is home to over 400 different kinds of birds. It's also a great place to see charming monkeys, butterflies, and lizards in their natural environment. The paths are easy to follow and well-marked, so you don't need a guide to visit the park.

  • Jodensavanne (Paramaribo)

Jodensavanne has a lot to offer historical tourists. The very first synagogue in Suriname was built by Jews, and it is still standing today. There are additional cemeteries with around 216 tombstones constructed of genuine European stones that are elegantly adorned. The ideal time to visit Suriname is around the dry months, as the landmarks and most of the rest of the country are vulnerable to heavy floods during the rainy season.

  • Paramaribo Zoo (Paramaribo)

The Paramaribo Zoo is Suriname's sole zoo, therefore you can't manage to skip it. The zoo has operated in Suriname for more than 40 years and houses the majority of the nation's animals. Surinamese monkeys, cayman, jaguars, the boa constrictor, and anacondas are among the famous wildlife. Birds such as the kingfisher and red ibis can also be seen. If you're looking for a peaceful area to wander, the zoo is indeed a good option because it's large and not too busy. During the dry season, schedule your sightseeing excursion before lunchtime, when the majority of the creatures are active.

Other Sightseeing places include: 

  • Warappa Kreek (Bakkie)
  • Brownsberg Nature Park
  • Neotropical Butterfly Park (Wanica)
  • Nieuw Nickerie
  • Arya Dewaker, and many other places. 



These are the most popular sites one should definitely visit in Suriname. You visit these and you won’t regret it. These are a must for your travel itinerary. They capture the essence of Suriname and will make you experience the real Suriname. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are no direct commercial flights between major Indian cities and Paramaribo, Suriname's capital. The nation's only international airport is Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport. This route is served by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Air India, Air Canada, and Jet Airways.

This is an excellent location for experienced climbers and nature enthusiasts. It is one of Suriname's tallest mountains, with a flat 'table top' that rises over the encircling jungle. A must-see for all trekkers.

This is Suriname's tallest peak, situated in the Sipaliwini District. It's ideal for experienced hikers.

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