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Suriname is an ocean of corporate opportunities. When working to expand overseas in countries like Suriname, it becomes incredibly crucial to bring the best team with you and leave no chances to grab these golden prospects.

Your team members need to obtain a special type of permit known as a Suriname work visa to work in the country and this is what the plot of our discussion is. In this article, we’ll look at what a work visa in Suriname is, its classification, its need, and the documents that the Suriname authorities demand to grant a visa.

Types of Suriname Work Visas

Suriname offers two types of work visas:

1. Foreign Nationals Work Permit

The Foreign Nationals Work permit is a type of visa that every international employee has to obtain for working in Suriname i.e. it applies to every foreign employee. 

2. Gold Sector Foreign Nationals Work Permit

Unlike a Foreign National Work Permit, The Gold Sector Foreign Nationals Work Permit is not required by every foreign employee. You need to apply for this type of visa only if you’re working in Suriname’s gold mining industry.


Suriname Work Visa Exceptions

Not every foreign employee is supposed to obtain a Suriname work visa. The country is an honourable member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), which means that skilled workers from fellow CARICOM member countries are allowed to work and stay in Suriname without a visa.

Here are a few other situations that allow an international employee to work in Suriname without a permit.

  • Your spouse is a Suriname citizen
  • Employees with refugee status
  • Working as a country servant 
  • The person was born in Suriname and re-migrated to the country

Suriname Work Visa Requirements 

If you’re eligible for a work visa in Suriname, you need to submit a set of documents at the Suriname High Commission to obtain a visa. The work visa has to be applied for by the employer on the employees’ behalf and the employees need to sign the application form.

Here are the Suriname work visa requirements.

  • A duly-filled Suriname work visa application form
  • Employee’s passport size photograph
  • A copy of the employee’s passport and other travel documents for inspection and maintaining records
  • The work visa fee payment receipt or proof of payment
  • A statement that includes the following details: 
    1. The operating hours of your company 
    2. The working hours of your employees
    3. The reasons to employ an international employee over a citizen of your country.
    4. The expectations from the employee
  • You also need to submit the proof of lawful operation of your company, which comprises your business license, the article of association, etc.
  • A document containing the outline of the qualifications of the employee. For example, degrees, diplomas, certificates, etc.

Suriname Work Visa Application Process

Here are the detailed steps for applying for the Suriname work visa.

  1. The first step involves drafting a letter stating the reason to hire an international worker. State the reason in case of transfer of an employee.
  2. Make sure that the employee has applied for a residence permit.
  3. The employer is required to download the work permit application and the employee needs to verify and sign it.
  4. Collect all the above-mentioned documents.
  5. Submit the application form by paying the work visa application fees.
  6. The application along with the company’s records will be submitted to the Ministry of Labor, Environment’s Foreigners’ Work Permit Department, and Technological Development.
  7. You need to wait for receiving approval or rejection. In the majority of the cases, it doesn’t take more than 30 days to get approval for your work visa. However, it may extend to 60 days in special circumstances.
  8. Besides, you may submit an appeal within 30 days of rejection by the Ministry of Labor.
  9. You should consult the professional consultants at Suriname Visa Online to get expert guidance and hire the best international talent without any visa-related inconvenience.

The Final Verdict

Applying for a work visa is easy with the right guidance. Consult an expert today and get your work visa approved in negligible time.



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Frequently Asked Questions

If you fail to secure a work permit in Suriname, you may be subject to hefty penalties. Also, you may struggle with legal formalities for hiring international employees. You can consult us to get professional guidance for a Suriname work visa and get your visa approved as earliest as possible.

Direct application for a Suriname work visa demands all these documents. However, we demand only the most necessary documents to simplify everything for you. You’ll need only the following documents if you apply through our website.

  1. Passport 
  2. Passport-size photographs
  3. Flight tickets
  4. Hotel booking

That’s it!

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